Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Splenic Injuries compilation (2013)

New Rosemary Krust song, "Bomb Puffed Hair", available on Spleencoffin double cassette anniversary compilation box "Splenic Injuries". 
Featuring, in order of appearance: Slim Twig, Fusiller, Moth Cock, Ultra Bon Bon, Sister Body, Marlo Eggplant, Mold Omen, Rosemary Krust, Bonnie Mercer, El-g, Six Heads, France Sauvage, Hobo Cubes, The Four Hands, Lea Bertucci, Kreace Peeps, Bride, The Austrasian Goat, PBK and Jon Thoreson, RDCD, Dao de Noize, Embarker, Carrageenan, Decapitated Hed, Liveshitbingepurge, Minoy, Bob Bellerue, Arvo Zylo, Fosforizouses Oysies, and Camposanto.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

In Hollenshade Basement / Deskulling Society (2012)

Rosemary Krust - "In Hollenshade Basement / Deskulling Society" [cassette] - Click Image to Close

Cassette tape released June 1st, 2012

Cassette Gods::

"The final tape of the batch, Rosemary Krust's compilation of guitar oriented blorg, In Hollenshade Basement/Deskulling Society, which features my fave art design because it looks the best (duh) and it is "...screenprinted in sliver and black paint on kraft paper, screens exposed from used typewriter ribbon impressions on acetate, with the used ribbons also hand-rubbed onto the cassette shells themselves." This is damaged, heavy (not metal at all tho) guitar trash. Industrial in parts, No Wave in others. If ya love guitar playing, but wish it was put through a garbage disposal more often, this tape is for you. SC says one half is improvised four-track recordings and one side is a ragged far out live recording recorded at the defunct Hexagon space in Baltimore. Good J.Christ this is fucked up!"


"Our favorite Baltimore duo's first release in 2 years, and first sPLeeNCoFFin release since 2008's "Slow Light" is a collection of improvised and live recordings, showing off the duo's more experimental, instrumental leanings. "In Hollenshade Basement" is a collage of drone heavy four track recordings almost entirely guitar based, calling to mind Trapdoor era Dead C and 1990s 7"s by the likes of Roy Montgomery and Azusa Plane. "Deskulling Society" is a harsher, more primitive, post-industrial drug experience -- a live recording capturing what is probably Rosemary Krust's most completely unhinged live performance to date, recorded at the defunct Hexagon space in Baltimore. Art is screenprinted in sliver and black paint on kraft paper, screens exposed from used typewriter ribbon impressions on acetate, with the used ribbons also hand-rubbed onto the cassette shells themselves. Limited edition of 100."

Available from s P L e e N C o F F i N and Rosemary Krust store

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Banana Head / Rosemary Krust split (2010)

Cassette tape released September 23rd, 2010

"Banana Head and Rosemary Krust obsess over the basic structures of popular music, deconstructing the same formulas until they dissolve into reflective plainness. Banana Head nods to the wedding ballad, schmatlz indulged to the point of confusion, eagerness and imprudence, a distant relative way too old to be that hammered bleeding an oldie-but-a-goodie into monotone. Rosemary Krust draws out the essentials of guitar-drums-keys, abstracts, flattens them into hissing post-pop atmospherics. Paired up like two Moby Dicks of dopeness."

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bernt Anker 7" EP (2009)

7" EP released September 2009 on Dull Knife. Edition of 300 hand-numbered copies.

a1 Fire
a2 Cicada Killer

b1 For Matthia
b2 Pedicularis

from http//www.citypaper.com/:

"No sense in overcomplicating it--Bernt Anker, Rosemary Krust's second 7-inch of '09, is simple in dissection. Take one part "pretty" and blast, flood, or stew it with two parts fuzz and/or feedback. For the net result, imagine His Name Is Alive caught in a dust storm, if you like. And it's that simplicity--and a weird and hard-to-explain lack of self-consciousness--that helps make this frequently so sublime. And effortlessly so. In a way, 2008's relatively varied Slow Light LP--misshapen indie-rock melodies; inward-looking, minimal Zomes-y drone, and vibe-mess, mostly one at a time--was simpler, and less shambolic. Bernt Anker starts off slow with "Fire," a big reverberating guitar line snaking out a melody while Katherine Plummer sings from what sounds like purgatory; it's captivating, not like a fire but like all-encompassing gravity. "For Matthia," meanwhile, is a transcendent mess of distant guitar cloudburst and what sounds like a tiny accordion, while a simple pop song traces through the fray. And all four songs reduce to something like pop lovingly damaged--which is an idea that's been effed to all hell by the hype machine, but credit Rosemary Krust with a beautiful pre-hype take on it, at least. For more information visit dullkniferecords.com." - Michael Byrne

from http://www.volcanictongue.co.uk:

"Hand-numbered edition of 300 copies 7” from this Baltimore boy/girl duo with a similar feel to early Charalambides and the basement styles of the 90s underground. The fuzz guitar approximates the infinite riffing euphoria of Luxurious Bags’ classic Frayed Knots side, with floating female vocals and handclaps that pilot it straight into the narcotic pop zone and a brokedown/avant garage style that is aesthetically spot-on. Excellent."